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Thermal Recovery of Oil and Bitumen ebook download

Thermal Recovery of Oil and Bitumen ebook download

Thermal Recovery of Oil and Bitumen by Roger M. Butler

Thermal Recovery of Oil and Bitumen

Download Thermal Recovery of Oil and Bitumen

Thermal Recovery of Oil and Bitumen Roger M. Butler ebook
ISBN: 0139149538, 9780139149535
Format: pdf
Page: 496

Understanding how crude oil biodegrades into methane, or natural gas, opens the door to being able to recover the clean-burning methane directly from deeply buried, or in situ, oil sands deposits, says Steve Larter, U of C petroleum geologist in the The oil sands industry would no longer have to use costly and polluting thermal, or heat-based, processes (such as injecting steam into reservoirs) to loosen the tar-like bitumen so it flows into wells and can be pumped to the surface. Albertans have always known that in the northern part of their province, there are vast deposits of bitumen--black, tarlike goo that is mixed with sand, clay, water and oil. I used to work on SAGD and other thermal recovery processes to recover heavy oil and bitumen from heavy oil and oil sand reservoirs in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada. A tiny Canadian oilsands company has struck a deal with a subsidiary of China's state-owned oil corporation, agreeing to trade information on oilsands technology and potential exploration efforts. Than 20% with conventional techniques, Dhinsa says . The technology can be implemented using established equipment and extraction materials while allowing for recycling of material and reduced thermal treatment. There are approximately 2.5 trillion barrels of the stuff, the largest on figuring out how to get the dirtiest possible oil out of the hardest-to-reach places. Pairs of parallel horizontal wells, one for steam and one for production, make it possible to recover bitumen continuously from oil sands. For the exclusive Canadian license to its technology to extract bitumen from fractured carbonates. A CNOOC limited offshore project, and Sunshine Oilsands' research of the 'multi-component thermal fluid thermal recovery technology' gives a possible indication that it could work economically in bitumen reservoirs,” co-chairman Songning Shen said in a press release. ET Energy's Electro Thermal technology could be used to pump out 600 billion barrels of Alberta's oil sands bitumen. Shell, for instance, is working on a "novel thermal recovery process"--embedding large electric heaters in the deposits and literally cooking the earth. Over the past year Excelsior Energy Limited has investigated various bitumen recovery mechanisms that could potentially reduce the large requirements for capital, fuel gas and process water associated with thermal recovery. The steam injection, the SAGD or cyclic steam injection have proved that these increase the oil recovery, and the thermal methods can drop the bitumen viscosity on the low values. The University of Alberta, Canada, has inked an option agreement with Strata Oil & Gas Inc.

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